Custom Design for Your Home

Putting Dreams Into Designs

Custom home design is largely about problem solving before we start to build.

When thinking about building a new home, clients usually know what they THINK they want after having looked at many plans online or have homes they have lived in, visited, or come across at some place.

However, it is common for clients to say, “It was perfect, BUT it just didn’t have (fill in the blank)….”  The kitchen may have been too small or too large; maybe there weren’t enough bedrooms or bathrooms; OR maybe there wasn’t enough closet space. The list of imperfections often goes on for as long as people have time to think out loud.

Effective custom home design can ensure the absolute best outcome.

Royce says:

Typically I like to start with a drawing that is close to what the client likes. I start with the basic layout, and then design from that basic foundation (pun intended).  In the “Custom Home Department,” the sky is the limit; there is no house exactly like the last one OR the next one.

Many home builders don’t like the challenges that come with the custom process, but at Eby’s Drafting and Design, we love it!

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