Why Choose Eby’s – Royce’s Perspective

Why choose Eby’s Drafting and Design? Because we pride ourselves in understanding construction from the ground up.

Front Elevation design by Royce Eby of Eby's Drafting and Design
Royce says:

I started doing summer construction work at age 15. I started small, building storage sheds and quickly moved up to small garages. Once out of school, I worked full time for a large construction company for many years, building additions and then entire houses.

After gaining years of hands-on experience, I managed a framing crew for many years. This “learning process” helped me develop a clear and complete vision of the building process. 

I use thArchitectual drawings by Eby's Drafting and Designat process from the start on exactly how the home will be built from the footings to the roof.

Call today and schedule a meeting to talk about the building project you have been dreaming about. I love to sit and discuss building ideas and working through all the possibilities of making your dreams a reality.


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