Why Choose Eby’s – Christa’s Perspective

Christa Eby of Eby's Drafting and DesignOur goal is satisfaction, period.  That is the perspective, whether you are working with Royce OR Christa Eby.

There is nothing more rewarding than knowing when a customer walks away, they have the right plans for their dream home.   We take time to make each customer feel important no matter the size of the job.  Each job is new and exciting to us as a team. We know this is true because we find ourselves discussing our projects with each other; bouncing ideas back and forth on how to make the most of space; and how to make the design the best it can be.

Royce’s years of experience in the construction industry gives him the perspective of knowing what works in real life and how to make design not only superbly attractive, but functional.  Christa Eby’s drafting experience, while as not as deep as Royce’s — comes from a practical point-of-view.  Being mostly a stay-at-home wife and mom, she knows how to make a home functional for a busy family.  Sometimes it takes several drafts to get the plans perfect and see the dream come to life, but we keep working until that happens.

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