Meet the Design Team

Deep Building Knowledge

Royce started working summer construction jobs at age 15. He started small, building storage sheds and quickly moved up to small garages. 

Once out of school, he worked full time for a large construction company for many years, building additions and then entire houses.  After gaining years of hands-on experience, Royce managed a framing crew for many years. This learning process helped him develop a clear and complete vision of the building process.

He uses that process — from design concept to the final stage of construction — to guide each building project from the footings to the roof.

A Family Business

Christa has always enjoyed looking over the house plans created by Royce. Royce would often ask her for ideas on a kitchen or bathroom design. After all, who better to ask than a wife who spends the better part of the day taking care of a home? 


Christa is a stay-at-home mom to three children. Her days are mostly spent taking care of the home and our family’s needs. Recently Christa started working on the smaller projects. She really enjoys using her time and talents to make people’s plans for their dream home and additions come to life.

Having Christa on the team has been a real asset, because she can bring a woman’s perspective to the process and can connect better with female clients. She knows how to make small spaces efficient or how to take your breath away with a grand entrance. Christa knows how to make the space function for a busy family navigating everyday life. So many ideas found on Pinterest and blogs may look impressive, but aren’t very practical in real life.  We like to find a way to make the impressive also functional so you can have both.

Meet the Designer

Meet Royce in an interview that he recently conducted on behalf of  Mount Tabor Builders, where he discusses the benefits of the quality homes that they build.  His designs are a big part of that quality!

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